Think Ion 2nd Gen

Think Ion 2nd Gen

  • Product Info

    Get your positive charge on with the new Think Ion! At 21’1” x 17.5” she clearly belongs in the advanced boat camp, but the Ion puts a new spin on things. Chief in the design criteria were speed, stability, and big water performance, all perfectly integrated in this podium-worthy craft.

    The Ion’s high-rocker design pays back with a remarkably smooth upwind ride and razor sharp downwind performance. That little bit of extra width gives the Ion ample secondary stability, critical when you need to apply full power for full speed ahead!

    The width also allows just enough room to fit the very comfortable, and ergonomically correct Evo II bucket, essential in getting the most out of you!  If you’re looking for a race-winning ski, and love those windy days best, the Ion is made of the right stuff for you!

  • Return and Refund Policy

    If a boat needs to be ordered to satisfy your order, a 70% deposit is required at the time of order.  Depending on production timing and container shipment schedule, it could take 2-4 months for your boat to arrive.  Rest assured, we also want you to receive your new boat as fast as possible.  The balance of payment is required prior to either in-person delivery or the start of shipping arrangements.

  • Specifications

    Length: 21'1" (642cm)

    Width: 17.5" (44.5cm)

    Paddler weight: 155-255lbs (70-115kg)

    Boat weight:

                       Performance 34lbs (15.5kg)

                       River 34lbs (15.5kg)

                       Elite 28lbs (12.5kg)

                       Ultimate 25lbs (11.5kg)

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