Think Evo II 2nd Gen

Think Evo II 2nd Gen

  • Product Info

    The Think Evo II offers ultimate balance of speed and comfort. At 20′ 6 ” in length, with fine entry and exit lines, and 18.5″ of width, the Evo II has all the speed you need to be in the thick of the competition. Glide is excellent, and when the swell is up, linking runs has rarely been so much fun!


    Think believes the most important aspect of any boat is to allow paddlers to paddle their best. In other words, to be the best engine they can be. That means providing a level of stability that creates a platform for power, even when the going gets rough! In this regard the Evo II stands clearly apart from its competitors, offering an unsurpassed level of stability for a boat this quick.


    The Evo II has an amazingly comfortable seat and foot well for all day comfort during long training sessions or races. The foot board system has a micro adjust system, so getting the perfect fit is easy. Every detail is well thought out, with a separate reinforced leash attachment point when heading out on big days. Hardware is 304 grade stainless for long term durability, and our rudder lines use 600 pound test Q-PowerLine Spectra.

  • Ordering and Return and Refund policy

    If a boat needs to be ordered to satisfy your order, a 70% deposit is required at the time of order.  Depending on production timing and container shipment schedule, it could take 2-4 months for your boat to arrive.  Rest assured, we also want you to receive your new boat as fast as possible.  The balance of payment is required prior to either in-person delivery or the start of shipping arrangements.

  • Specifications

    Length: 20'6" (625cm)

    Width: 18.5" (47cm)

    Paddler weight: 130-240lbs (60-110kg)

    Boat weight:

                       Performance 34lbs (15.5kg)

                       River 34lbs (15.5kg)

                       Elite 28lbs (12.5kg)

                       Ultimate 25lbs (11.5kg)

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